Bane of the Werewolf

The Return of Gothic Werewolf Stories

A classic Gothic horror tale of man vs the evil beast inside of him. Werewolves, gypsies, pentagrams and full moon madness lurk in the pages of Rob E. Brown’s Bane of the Werewolf. Available for the first time in digital format for reading on your mobile device or personal computer.

A Classic Gothic Horror Werewolf Story, Bane of the Werewolf

  • First time in digital format
    Originally released by Silver Phoenix Entertainment as a standard comic book to rave reviews from mainstream comic press and the classic monster underground. Now, this critically acclaimed story is available in digital formats from Dungeon Comics.
  • More werewolf than you can shoot with a silver bullet
    A well conceived story and fantastic artwork bring this old-world tale of man vs beast to life. You’ll find yourself submerged in a world of occult magic and darkness where the werewolves kill.
  • Read it where ever on what ever you like
    Bane of the Werewolf is available for the first time as a digital download. Download it as a PDF document or a CBR digital comic book. CBR readers are available for most devices including Android and iPhone.

Overall you're getting more than what you paid for with this book. If you ask me, anything you pay under $4 that gives you that much story is worth it.