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REB’s Profile REB’s Profile REB’s Profile

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Comic books to classic horror…

REB has produced cover images for power-trade zines such as Wizard Magazine, The Artist Work-Shop and Comics Source Monthly.

An award winning graphic designer/ illustrator, REB also enjoys a professional career in the printing industry and is a noted digital pre-press technician and photo-realistic, digital manipulation expert.

Today, you can find REB in The Dungeon (his private studio and “torture chamber”) where he works on his creator-owned comic book projects, as well as others, and where he continues to refine and lend his talents to various artistic fields.

(excerpt from an Interview conducted with REB in 2010 about his early career)

“Before I could draw, my mother made comics for me. My mother is an exceptional artist, and I guess it all originates from her. I grew up around art, and comics have always held me in fascination. For as long as I can remember, comics have always been there. In the late 80s, a dear friend of mine, Donnie Lee, and myself, produced our own comic book, titled Time Knights, for a small, local independent company called August Comics. That lead us to different book, titled Taser, for another local company called Comic Creations, which was our first paying comic gig. We then submitted a one-shot to Caliber Press, titled Sepulcher Opus, which was received very well by them and the industry as a whole. The book was in a write-up in the now defunct (still defunct?) Heroes Magazine, which really took us by surprise.

“In ‘92, I decided to get very serious about the comic art. I took a year and basically put myself through some rigorous art training at home. I had the printing background, now I just needed the technical drawing skills. Perspective, anatomy and composition is what I focused on during that time. I would go to work at 7am, come home around 5 or 6… eat, and then would lock myself in my drawing room until 2am. Get up at 6am and do it all over again.

“In mid to late ‘93, I received my first professional comic job from Malibu Comics: a fill-in issue of The Protectors. Marvel Comics called me not long after that, and I began work on an Inhumans story, titled The Great Refuge for Marvel Comics Presents. They then sprang an Iron Fist story on me and wanted me to stop production on the Inhumans story. Somehow an issue of The Savage Sword of Conan got thrown into the mix. It was a lot for a newbie to sink his teeth into. I was also involved in a few internal projects etc. In the end, my lack of discipline caused the work to suffer, and deadlines gradually got the best of me. Working from home was something I wasn’t prepared for at the time. I worked for Marvel for about 3 years.”

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An abbreviated bibliography of REB’s work can be found at the Comic Book DB.