Bane of the Werewolf #1

Bane of the Werewolf #1 Digital Download


A classic Gothic werewolf horror story written and drawn by Rob E. Brown. Available for the first time in a digital format. Download in CBR and PDF formats.

Product Description

Bane of the Werewolf - werewolf stories32 page digital comic book. Available in CBR and PDF formats.

Written and Drawn by Rob E. Brown.

Bane of the Werewolf is a horror comic book that re-establishes the classic gypsy origins of the werewolf legend in mid-16th century France. The protagonist, Eliphas Moreau, finds himself at the mercy of a malevolent tome. A book, passed down through the ages and only entrusted to gypsy chieftains. Contracting the werewolf curse, he is then bombarded by the many horrors of the occult world – all the while – he struggles to keep his humanity intact as he fights to save the people he loves. Bane of the Werewolf is a comic book about a suffering character that explores the recesses of the human soul and the many challenges the characters come to face.


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